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TransUnion is an American consumer credit reporting agency. TransUnion collects and aggregates information on over one billion individual consumers in over thirty countries including "200 million files profiling nearly every credit-active consumer in the United States". Its customers include over 65,000 businesses. Based in Chicago, Illinois, TransUnion's 2014 revenue was US$1.3 billion.

An unhappy customer said in an interview, "They report late, do not report the same info to all creditors. I have perfect credit. Always have, always will. My cr report with Credit Karma is 830 for TransUnion and 835 for Equifax.--TransUnion reports this number on credit karma and does not report the same # to Discover Card--still excellent at 795, but a discrepancy noteworthy. I plan on following this erroneous reporting and, if necessary, to avail myself of all legal remedies that I have at my disposal. Credit is an important necessity in our country and reporting agencies should and will be accountable--as they purport to do with the information they disclose on us."


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Former Employee - Sales says

"I’m sorry you had this experience. We take a lot of care and consideration to come up with our Sales Compensation Plans and we strive to ensure fairness for our Sales Associates, also to ensure that our sales targets are attainable and align with our business objectives. Please feel free to connect with me to discuss your specific concerns. - Todd Skinner, President - TransUnion Canada, Latin America, and Caribbean"

Carrier/transporter (Former Employee) says

"The worst the boss is the worst boss u can find pretty much no o.t n I breaks and no love lost there ...the people there treat you like garbage and a few guys smoke crackEvery week payThe job is horrible"

Secretary (Former Employee) says

"Warehouse contract company with GSA. Few workers only a secretary and a supervisor and warehouse workers."

Edwin Lopacki says

"Crooks - I was getting charged $20/month for a service I did not need and did not sign up for. Rarely they would send me an email, I thought it was spam so I ignored it until I discovered a $20 charge on my monthly credit card bill, once I logged in to their useless website. Services that they provided were available for free. It only took me all afternoon on the phone to cancel this worthless service I NEVER SIGNED UP FOR. What a joke! My best guess on how this started is that the service was provided for free from my previous Federal Government employer due to a cyber hack and after a year the service continued, but billed me. Talk about insult to injury."

Mainer33 says

"Trans Union is soooo bad! Not only do they report my score as 100 points lower than Experian & Equifax, now I can\'t even login to check my score. They\'ve added a two step verification process with an s******, which I never created or have access to. I\'ve been told by lenders that most in the Northeast use. Gee, is it because they report deceptively low scores, allowing lenders to charge higher rates? TU sucks!"

Mainer33 says

"HA! I just tried to post a negative review and it wasn\'t allowed. Kinda says it all about Trans Union!"

Cheng Che Chung (Pony) says

"Poor customer service. I was enrolled in a monthly charge from them without being aware (thought it was a one time charge). No easy way to cancel the charge or contact their customer service except for making a phone call and the call did NOT go through."

Tim Beckett says

"The UK Government is using TransUnion to verify people's identity when seeking Covid-19 tests. I've lived at the same address for 25 years and provided my NI number, email etc and TransUnion failed to verify my identity. They are hopeless and not fit for Government's contract."

Brian says

"This is the worst site and app to have monitor your credit. I disputed a few identity thefts through them and they did nothing about it if I could sue them I would. They don’t respond to email unless there messing up your credit. I canceled my subscriptions to them"

j mas says

"Extremley Poor service by staff who just don't want to help but are keen to direct you to their paid credit referencing page. Must be on a commission!!"

Howie Mentzer says

"This company cannot keep accurate records to save their lives. I printed out my free credit report to see why my credit with them is so low (636) when experian and my Bank scres are around (677) first of all there is (33) inquiries on my credit report I don't even know who these companies are. This company has to do a 360 and get our information correct since when you buy something or apply for credit they go by Transunion credit score. Terrible company that should not be permitted to track our credit. Also my credit report shows nothing but Green which means I pay on time and no missed payments"

B D says

"Terrible customer service. Not even able to cancel service online.Then I needed to call multiple times to cancel."

P says

"This organisation seems to control the information that other Credit Score apps use to determine their credit scores.It goes without saying therefore that they have the ultimate responsibility to ensure their records are 100% correct. Unfortunately Transunion fall down badly in this respect and make life very difficult for individuals whose details are missing or recorded incorrectly. They insist that I am not on the Electoral role, Kredit Karma ( formally Noddle) are their lap dogs who perpetuate the miss information that directly negatively affects my score. This company needs investigating by the finance authorities."

Gary L. says

"Scam scam scam it ask involved they said to finitmy loan application pay $1 for them to access it. So I put my card info in and I was taken straight to TransUnion where they auto singed me up for $19 a month. I called instantly and the lady argued and pushed the service on me but I shut her up and got my money back. For one my online bank MoneyLion lets me manage my credit for free, and also if you are in need of credit repair just get the Credit Karma app you can take charge yourself also FREE"

Konstantin says

"Scammers or just strange and poor company?! Created and share your details without your permission in case it breach the GDPR law."

Avg Consumer says

"They make you click on a couple of buttons to view your credit score nd start charging your credit card monthly!!"

Deb Lindstrom says

"I think it’s time ALL credit bureas, large and small, begin serving the American Public in more useful and transparent ways. RIGHT NOW, as a representative of one of the “Big Three” credit bureaus told me over the phone In one communication I had with them, “Why don’t we verify whether or not what we document in any consumer’s credit report is accurate before we add it? Because consumers should be keeping up with their own credit information stated in their credit reports by credit reporting agencies” In other words, “We don’t care what’s in someone’s credit report, even if we put it there, because legallly WE DONT HAVS TO!” Instead, what these credit bureaus have come up with as a new revenue stream any innocent consumer can pay to any or all credit bureaus, by telling consumers “Indeed there may be errors in your credit report, but if you pay us $19.99, or $21.99, or even $24.99 every single month, we will let you see what we put in your credit report so YOU can do our homework for us, and YOU can ask us to get with the original creditor to correct a problem, but only if the original creditor agrees that a reporting error exists.” That approach is FLAT OUT WRONG! Why? Because currently, it means what any or every credit bureau adds to a connsumer’s credit report is no more than the equivalent of UNFOUNDED RUMORS! They don’t care whether what they add to anyone’s credit report is factual or not. All they want is to continue spreading their unfounded rumors until a given consumer pays the credit bureau(s) a continuing monthly sum (that’s the optimal revenue stream they can get from consumers), or pay the bureaus for more than the legally allowed free annual report any consumer can get right now. But errors aren’t added to a consumer’s credit report by any credit reporting agency on an annual basis. No! All credit bureaus are in the daily, month after month business of adding nothing more than often unfounded rumors to anyone’s credit report. Not one the of credit bureaus has any shred of legal responsibility to ensure the accuracy of what they do: REPORT FACTS. How any lender at present can swallow as valid and entirely factual what exists in, or what is added to, any consumer’s credit report, is no more than sophomoric blind faith. Do lenders not realize that a given credit bureau’s current reporting practices are very likely costing the lender by way of lost business opportunities for the lender? Even something as innocuous as an incorrect home or business address documented as such by a credit reporting agency who cavalierly add anything they come across or seek from another credit reporting agency; adding what ARE equivalents to unverified rumors to consumer credit reports may deny the lender a new revenue stream; particularly when the lender depends solely on information credit bureaus add to their databases, and lenders then depend on said database information for business decisions. As credit reporting agencies are allowed by law to operate today, no one should depend on what is documented by a credit bureau, large or small, and then cavalierly added to someone’s credit report, expecting the consumer to clean up any credit reporting agency’s sloppy and bordering on near criminal reporting practices. Oh yes, if there are innaccurrancies stated in a consumer’s credit report that, while inaccurate, assist in lowering a consumer’s credit score so that a lender can charge that consumer a higher interest rate, all the better for the lender. And indeed, lenders do depend on those consumers with lower credit scores FOR A MAJORITY OF THE LENDER’S PROFIT BASE! I am sickened to know what I know about our credit reporting agencies COLLECTIVELY now! A consumer reporting agency’s comforting level of customer service; after the fact, doesn’t help much if a credit reporting error was documented but never verified for proof or accuracy. It’s WRONG when the consumer is forced to get involved in credit or personal information disputes they had no fault in causing. Instead, we American consumers are encouraged to pay credit reporting agencies a monthly fee for the privilege (the PRIVILEGE!) to access information gathered, held, and possibly also distributed in report format to other parties most of which is done without any American consumer’s prior legal, authorized consent. Talk about “Money For Nothing!” That is exactly what these credit reporting agencies and bureaus are legally getting away with, and have gotten away with for decades and decades. In my opinion, the way these bureaus and agencies are allowed to operate, without caring about the quality of their products, but publishing their sloppy work all the same, and then making consumers pay for access to their poor quality product, borders on, or perhaps outright is, theft by deception. Listen, a time or two, with new ears, to what the credit reporting agency/bureau TV ads state as the reason consumers need to pay for the priivege to access what a credit bureau/agency has documented about said consumer. The TV ads try to tell us that maintaining credit report accuracy is the responsibility of the consumer. Right. Let me get this straight: I’m supposed pay for my access to, and then repeatedly perform, (optimally on a monthly basis,) the data processing accuracy, data verification, & data auditing of any credit reporting agency’s efforts as entities that perform persinal information-gathering, information holding, and information redistribution of any American citizen’s personal & financial, credit, educational, and/or employment history-related data; any of which had been obtained prior to securing said American citizen’s express consent before a credit reporting agency may obtain, hold, manipulate, archive, or share this personal American citizen-related information. These agencies, operating to obtain information on the credit, lifestyle, financial, employment, and personal / historical data on consumers individually; entities able to obtain, share, and pass to other credit reporting agencies, as well as employers, cedit grantor entities, whether general or specialized in nature, and done without obtaining an American citizen’s prior and express consent allowing an entity to do this: (gather, hold, manipulate, preserve, archive or share with any other person or entity at will, right or wrong IS JUST WONG in America! Problematic are these issues: 1). A credit reporting agency does not perform any verification of the data they gather on any American citizen. 2). Data obtained is not checked for errors during the reporting agency’s documenting or archiving activities of the data they have gathered. 3). It is fact that one credit reporting agency will obtain any American citizen’s financial, credit, address-related, personal-historical, educational, and employment/employment history-related information from any other credit reporting agency, regardless of the other agency’s rate of accuracy (if such rating is ever applied), and document it in their databases as correct and accurate without first ensuring said information is correct and accurate. 4). Because American credit reporting agencies are not subject to any manner of auditing regarding the completeness, correctness, and accuracy of the data they obtain, hold, share, and archive, a large margin for passing on and even introducing new errors is high. 5). It troubles me that credit reporting agencies in America are trusted on the face of what they do; as if nothing they have documented about an American consumer could possibly have errors in it. Wait! We are human; therefore we make mistakes. I just recently employed a legal firm to review my credit reports. Before a week had passed, this law firm reported uncovering more than 50 actual errors in my reports (I reviewed/verified their findings). My credit report may be the exception, although it could also be more representative of the rule. That’s frightening. Even more frightening is the reality that credit grantors and employers depend on what is documented about an American citizen to be quality based work. At present, any quality among credit reporting agencies in what they do is DUBIOUS! And later, in speaking directly with representatives at the “Big Three” American credit bureaus/reporting agencies, I was told by all three that they DO NOT verify what they document about any American citizen/consumer. Rather, they obtain or are given information about a consumer, and they add it wholesale to that citizen’s credit file. That’s all they do! And we treat them as experts. Since these agencies are sharing formation they obtain with other agencies, inaccurate information in someone’s credit file is multiplied every time inaccuracies are replicated from credit reporting agency to new credit reporting agency. And everyone expects what exists in their own or any other American’s credit recording is accurate. No! It is difficult to grasp the magnitude of problems that exist when a particular agenciy or agencies are able to document and report anything about anyone; right or wrong. Credit Reporting Agencies at present, answer to no one. They have massive power over the quality of the lives of all Americans; because what exists in your credit file can negatively impact your ability to open a bank account, apply for credit, purchase car or truck on time payment plans, get a mortgage on a given home, even whether or not a company will hire you. ALL of those things determine the degree of personal liberty and what ability to aspire in life we enjoy (or NOT enjoy, I might better state it). AND THAT is bordering on whether or not we are really experiencing our ENTIRE Constitutionally guareanteed rights. For example, the BIG ONE: “The right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” No Constitutional rights here! Let’s FIX!"

Max says

"I get refused for a new credit card even after been 3 years with the same credit card company. I call them and they told me to contact the credit office Equifax and transunion, well I was checking my credit with equifax every month and everything was Ok. However, After tried transunion I discovery that my credit report with this company was all wrong. In order to get this fix I have to paid and wait 30 days to get an answer. Until today I still waiting for my report to get fix and nothing had happen yet."

Janice says

"Be very careful when attempting to access your free annual credit report. If you search for this via the TransUnion site, you will not be given that option, and if you complete the information requested, you will end up signing up for their credit monitoring service with an immediate charge of $24.95. Clue: wondered why they were asking for credit card information! Was able to get a phone # and have the service cancelled and a refund should be issued. The correct site to request your free annual credit report is (not allowed to post a link) but it is annualcreditreport with usual prefix and ending."

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